Simply knitting

who all reads this, im curious to see what countries it goes to:woot: i just love smilies

Connecticut, US
We’ve visited the UK many times and love it there.:heart:

Yup… I read it - try not to miss an issue, bit difficult when only 1 of the 5 newsagents in my little town actually stocks it, and then only gets one copy in for a special someone!

So I tend to head to one of the bigger supermarkets to find it when it’s out. I guess, actually, when money gets not so tight, I’ll order it on subscription!

ETA - Nottingham, UK!

We get in the Toronto Canada area as well. Love it.

Atlanta, Georgia. I only wish it were easier to come by. I buy it when I can find it. I’d love to subscribe, but the overseas shipping, timewise and financially, worries me.

I pick up an issue now and again; I can usually find it at Joann Fabrics or Barnes/Noble.

Baltimore, MD, USA :slight_smile:

I’ve purchased one at Borders. It’s not in the supermarkets or drug stores around here, so it’s hard to come by for me. I’m not a shopper and stay far away from the malls (unless I need Satsuma from the Body Shop), so I don’t get it often. And then it’s always, always in a bag and I can’t flip through it to see if I like the patterns, which just irks me to no end.
I’m in SE Michigan/Ohio - USA.

I get it at Borders, here in KC, I love it.

They sell it at our local Hastings. I’ve picked it up a few times, but like someone mentioned eariler, I’d prefer to look through it before purchasing, and it’s always in plastic. I did find one that someone had remove from it’s packing, and was happy to be able to look through it, but I’d never do that myself.

I purchase it at my LYS.

NJ - Barnes and Noble and Borders

San Antonio, Texas - I have only found it at Borders and Barnes & Noble.

I love this magazine.

Orlando, FL I get mine at Joann’s with my 40% off coupon! I just finished knitting the purse for the “purse hardware” that came with the ?? issue. (I am to lazy to go upstairs and see which one it is)

wow that all over really, great, :woohoo: but maybe more stores should carry it, a letter or 2 to the editors , how about it ladies