Simply Knitting Winning Tickets

I picked up Simply Knitting yesterday at the store. Inside were some scratch off tickets, for cash or other prizes. I had two winning tickets, one for some cash and one for other another prize. You have to call to find out the amount of cash and prize won. I did not call, so don’t know the exact cash amount or specific prize. Unfortunately, only those in the UK are eligible so I can’t claim the prizes. The cash prizes are anywhere from 10 pounds up to 1 million pounds. The other prizes can be anything from a Samsung HDTV, a case of wine, Greek island cruise for 2, a Phillips digital radio, and some vouchers in various amounts for Thomas Cook, Tesco, M&S, or Boots. Contest closes 4-30-2009. I don’t know how long it takes something to reach the UK by mail, but if anyone would like me to send them the winning tickets, I would be happy to do so. Hopefully they will reach you in time to claim the prizes. PM me mailing info and I can stop at the post office tomorrow and send the tickets.

I’d double check the small print first. Usually it tells you the amount of each prize they have, and usually the most is some part vouchers (Like the Thomas Cook ones you mention. They’ll give you a ‘free’ night or somthing somewhere but you have to pay for the flight on top, or insurance, or for an extra few days…, ect.) or a cheap necklace. It’s also usually a premium rate number you call which will cost £1.50 a min and probibly total £15.00 or more.
I know you are trying to do a nice thing, but as suggested, check the small print first. :slight_smile: