Simply Knitting Magazine (UK based)

[B][COLOR=darkorchid]I am just wondering if anyone else in this community subscribes to the Simply Knitting Magazine? I have a pattern question but can’t really explain it because it is on a chart. If anyone has the Simply Knitting Issue #49 (January 2009) please let me know. [/COLOR][/B]
[B][COLOR=#9932cc]I personally think this is the BEST EVER knitting magazine! :woohoo: [/COLOR][/B]
[B][COLOR=#9932cc]Happy Knitting:knitting: [/COLOR][/B]
[COLOR=#9932cc][B]OTN: [/B][COLOR=#8c0000]Cabletini Socks[/COLOR][/COLOR]
[B][COLOR=#9932cc]OTN: Sweater Bag with modifications[/COLOR][/B]
[B][COLOR=#9932cc]OTN: Long cable Coat from 1975 Cable Coat[/COLOR][/B]
[B][COLOR=#9932cc]Almost OTN: Double Cream Cable Knit Coat[/COLOR][/B]

I have two or three earlier editions of that magazine from a friend of mine in the UK. She would send them to me when she thought I’d like a particular pattern, and in return I would send her oreos and jolly ranchers. I would see if you might not be able to find it online and provide a link? Sometimes they will do that.

I just checked and yes, I do have issue 49. What do you need to know? I love this magazine too. Started out buying it at Joann’s and then subscribed for a year. It always came within the same month but issues are way behind at the store where I get them now. Barnes and Noble carries it too. I have made some items from there, like the bulky hooded cardigan I am almost finished with now.:woot:

What, not Trix or giant Hershey’s bars? :roflhard:

One more thing - I recently made the hottie cover in this issue 49from Patons Classic Wool merino and used it quite a bit the past couple months.

Thanks for offering to help! I am working on the Double Cream cabled coat found on pages 24-30. I am making the size small (the numbers are in black) so I am done with the ribbing and now i am on to the increase row which is Row 10 (found on page 26. Look at the directions for row 10; the increases and the decreases[COLOR=red][B]DO NOT ADD UP. [/B][/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]The back is fine but the left and right front stitches do not add up to 37 stitches. Read through the pattern and let me know what you think, and what I should do about that one.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000000]The Chart question…I am fairly new at reading charts, this is only my 2nd pattern with charts, the first are the socks that I am working on and I messed that up pretty good! LOL Thanks to people here who set me straight! ANYWHO… the chart has a [COLOR=red][B]1 [/B][/COLOR]on the right hand side of the first row so I am assuming that I start there. When I do my 2nd row, do I read from left to right? or right to left? Thanks in advance for the help. :hug: [/COLOR]
Happy Knitting

I will try to help - am writing this and reading at the same time. Yes, it looks confusing but I get the back and sides to add up to what they should. Hard to explain on here. Don’t miss the ones that say do a m1 0 times for the small pattern. I have done similar things that it is hard to knit and read at the same time. You might check off one each time you do it even though that is slow or maybe underline each section.
On the chart - did you read the section at left? yes, start on the right side and go to the left for your first row (right side row). Then the next row (wrong side) goes from left to right. I avoid charts like this! Check each row off and use something under each row to see it better. Glad you are doing this and not me. It is a beautiful coat except for those fasteners - are you doing it the same as the photo? I am knitting the hooded jacket in issue 50. Am just finishing up the hood and then have do the bands and hood in ribbing. I shortened the sleeve ribbings. They have some good patterns but some have mistakes and can confuse you.
If this answer doesn’t help say so and I will try again.
I prefer Reese cups over Hershey Bars.:knitting:

Have you tried looking on Ravelry? I’ve often found threads dedicated to various patterns and have gotten lots of help that way.

Just a thought…

I buy this magazine occasionally. Last year I sent an email as I had discovered an error in a pattern I had been working on. I had a quick reply, but only to tell me that my email had been passed on to the technical editor. A couple more emails passed between me and the editor, but I have not heard from the technical editor. I sent another email this morning, pointing out that I still haven’t heard and expressing my disappointment.

Here is part of the original email:

'I have been knitting the Azure Allure pattern in Issue 31 of your magazine and have come across what appears to be an error in the pattern.

I am following the 2nd set of figures in brackets for this pattern and in the instructions for the right front, after the 4 rows of armhole shaping, with 51 stitches on the needle, the pattern then shows a decrease row, which in my case reads: Knit 18, (k2tog k2) 0 times, (k2tog k3) 0 times, (k2tog k4) 0 times, (k2tog k5) 0 times, k1 k2tog. (45 stitches)

I can’t see how a decrease of one stitch should result in 45 stitches! Now I am stuck at this point and hope you can help me out!’

What do you guys make of the pattern?


I’m happy to report that I had a reply from the technical editor at Simply Knitting - she had only seen my original email the day before for the first time. She gave me the corrections for the pattern. I just need to get around to working on the project again lol.