Simply knitting Cable Gilet

Hi, I’m Mip and am new to the forum. Can anyone help me with the Cable Gilet pattern in Simply Knitting issue 190. I can’t understand what I have to do. I am new to cables and have practiced on several scarfs and wanted to try the Gilet. I have bought the wool, so I need to be able to knit it. Thank you.

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Maybe this one?

Where are you having problems with the pattern? You can quote a few rows but not a large portion of the pattern due to copyrights.

I thought I would start with the Right Front as it is less stitches and I could get used to the pattern.
It says cast on 50 stitches. The start of the row is given then the next 30 stitches are worked from written Chart A then the end of the row is back to Right Front instructions.

There is row 2 with the same thing. Then it says these 2 rows form pattern. Continue in pattern as set for a further 101 rows. It looks to me that it is saying the 2 rows . But what about the rest of written Chart A?

As you work the following rows, keep proceeding up chart A. For row 3, work as for row 1 but work row 3 of Chart A. For row 4, work as for row 2 but work row 4 of the chart and so on.

Thanks very much, I will have a go and let you know how I get on.

Thank you so much. I have done up to row 12 and I think it looks alright.

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Looks very good!