Simply knitting 2008 calender

ok i got my copy a few days ago and i love love LOVE januarys luna warp only… im not sure i understand the pattern i was wondering if any one eles has it could they help me a tiny(ok a lot) bit pls?there silly questions and i know they are so it shoulnt be to much hard work i hope.

I’m sorry I don’t know the pattern, but is there a website that tells us a little about the simply knitting calender?

cheers! :flirt:

not that i can find sorry but would it be brakeing any laws if i just tell u the one row im stuck on?

I’m anxiously awaiting my copy- it takes longer to get here in the states… :frowning:

writing out one row for help is not breaking any laws… as far as I know. it is reproducing the whole pattern that gets people riled up.

(I can’t wait for that crochet wrap sweater they previewed in the last issue!!!)

its such a good mag ur gonna love this months, i loved the baby stuff in the last 2 ,
ok hear i go with my silly question
row 1 - (rs)k6 yo k2tog yo k2 sl1 k2tog psso k2 yo k3 yo k2tog k3 (k2tog yo)twice k1 yo k2(32 st)

right the bit where is says twice it just means k2tog yo k2tog yo thats it isnt it?

Yes, when an instruction is in () with once, twice, 3 times etc after it, it means to repeat that instruction however many times.