Simply confused lol

I"ve found a pattern for a easy quick and cheap scarf. I’m a little confused on the pattern its really easy but I just want to make sure I’m reading it correctly.

CO 10 sts
Row 1 - K1 *(YO, K2tog), repeat from * across to last stitch, K1

Repeat row 1 until you almost run out of yarn, bind off

So as I read it you K1 (YO, K2 tog) and continue knitting across the last stitch and continue in this matter until your out of yarn then bind off? Am I correct?
Wonder if I find something other than wool thats warm to knit it in?

The k1 is the first st of the row, you repeat the yo k2tog and end with a k1. Do this every row, keeping enough to bind off with. You can make this with any type of yarn; I’ve just used a similar pattern with acrylic and will be using this one for a wool/silk blend.

I really do like that scarf! Make sure you post a picture when your done :slight_smile:

I’m really hopping to get started on this scarf soon I want to see how long it will take me and how warm it is. As far as pics lol as soon as I knit it I’ll figure out how to post a pic of it. I’m actually super excited about getting started on it.

Thanks for the help on the pattern!:knitting: :hug:

Thanks for the link, I think I’m gonna cast on now :wink: Using needle #11 though

Went out tonight bought a size 19 needle and 4 spools of yarn need colors too. I’ve already knitting a few rows mine looks nothing like the picture mine is really holey and doesn’t really look warm at all. Anyone have an idea what I’m doing wrong or if its just the yarn or the needles?

Hard to say what it is without pictures. What kind of yarn did you get? The yarn in the scarf is super bulky. If your yarn isn’t the same weight and you are using size 19 needles then it may look more holey or lacy. Also, you may just need to tighten your stitches. If you are knitting very loosely your stitches will be holey.

You might try knitting with a couple strands of that yarn together. Size 19s are pretty large and if you have a medium weight yarn it’s kind of light for that. A size 11 would have been good for the pattern.

Yeah I’m thinking I may have to switch to a smaller needle I got the bulkyst yarn I could find at micheals but its still not as thick looking as the photo. I might have to dig out my 10s or 11s and try it that way because short from doubleing over the yarn I haven’t the foggest what else to try. I’ll try snapping a pic of it tonight

If you have bulky weight, it would be okay on 13 or 15s, maybe too tight on 10s or 11s.