Simply Confused and need help

I am making my first sweater.

It was going well until now.

I casted on 68 stitches for the neck and have been increasing. At 76 stitches on the circ needles I was told to increase round every other round 10 times. As I did. Then it directed me to increase every 4th round 5 times. I increased 4 stitches every knit round at the place markers (I am doing garter stitch). I only have 136 stitches after doing all that increasing and I am supposed to have 196.

Hmm… and ideas about where I went wrong?

Hi and welcome to KH!
Sounds like a top down sweater? Usually you increase [I]before and after[/I] the 4 stitch markers. So that would be 76 +(10x8)+(5x8)=196