Simpliest way to enlarge a sweater pattern

I found this beautiful shrug pattern on, but the pattern is sized for a medium and I wear a 1X. Well, my boobies wear a 1X; the rest of my body wears a 16. Is there a simply way I can adjust this pattern. The pattern is called Breakfast Coat No. 488.

Alternately does anyone know of a pattern like this already designed to fit huge boobies? The pattern can be longer, but I’d like to keep the flouncy sleeves and cuffs.

P.S. I have knitted baby sweaters top down in one piece, but THIS WILL BE MY FIRST ADULT KNITTED SWEATER, SO KIS PLEASE :slight_smile:

The absolutely simplest way to upsize a sweater is just to change the gauge, which would involve changing the yarn weight and needles. You could try that here - say sport weight with size 19 and 6 needles - but I’m not confident enough to say that would work in this case given the construction of the coat and that you aren’t given any numbers to help with the math to confirm it’ll work. (You’d still want to do a gauge swatch with the called for yarn and needles to get a handle on what the final fabric is supposed to be like.)

Usually you could take given gauge or dimensions of the schematic and rework numbers to fit either a different gauge or different dimensions. I just recently did a sweater where I worked the pattern in the small size but in a larger yarn and gauge to get the large size. I followed dimensions for the large size (work the body until xx" for example) to get the whole thing the way I needed.

Direct link to the pattern

Thanks Lewister, I think I might put this project on hold for awhile and do something simplier, like a tank top.

I agree with lewister. There really is no easy way to increase the size of a pattern that is only one size. Increasing needle size and yarn weight might work for a small size difference, but when you have a bigger size change you pretty much have to rewrite the pattern. IMO the best thing to do is find another pattern that is similar and comes in larger sizes. You can probably even make a simpler, large pattern and add you own ruffle to the sleeves since that doesn’t involve a size change.