Simplicity Patterns on sale!

If you are a seamstress like me, you’ll be glad to know that Simplicity patterns are on sale at Hobby Lobby this week for 99 cents each! :cheering:

Well…gosh!! that is fabulous…blow you are not near me as I would pay you to make some things for me! :slight_smile:

That sure is a furry bunny!

It’s an angora rabbit. I was asked to spin yarn from him at a farmer’s market fall event last year. I took my spinning wheel, and had so much fun!

The rabbit belongs to Farmer Rhonda at Black Swans Farm in Monroe, NC.

As it turned out, I was allergic to him. But, I didn’t realize it until I was driving home. I broke out, and couldn’t stop sneezing. It’s a drag…because now I can’t do demonstrations with him anymore. :pout:

Gosh…shame about the allergy but I bet the yarn was ultra soft! We need to try you on a llama??? :slight_smile: And an aussie here posted the other day about a yarn that’s come out from NZ that’s half sheep/half possum!

I’m allergic to llama too. :pout:

But I’m FINE with alpaca!! cloud9