simple yet silly question about patterns

When choosing a size for a cardigan/sweater for a female is the bust measurement the measurement below the breast or across the breast? I’m trying to knit a cardigan and wanted to make sure I bought enough yarn and don’t have to frog the whole thing because I knit the wrong size

It’s the measurement across the breast.

And make sure you do a swatch. They sometimes aren’t perfect or just plain lie, but you’d at least start with a close needle size so you don’t have to frog.

Also…I ALWAYS buy an extra skein or two. I’d rather have extra yarn than not enough. I can always knit a hat or mitts.

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Thanks for posting about purchasing extra skeins. It may seem unnecessary or extravagant at time of purchase, but a life- and time saver at the end. For a recent project, I purchased an extra when I started my project. But I needed two extra skeins at the end. Fortunately a local store had the same dye lot.