Simple wrist warmers?

So I had this bright idea… (well, that’s debatable)
Could you just knit a rectangle, fold it in half, and sew it up, leaving a gap for the thumb? Would that be completely ugly/wrong?
Or is there a really simple wrist warmers/ long fingerless gloves pattern out there? No fancy stitches, no knitting in the round… it’s a bulky novelty yarn, so who knows what could happen.

You absolutely can make wrist warmers like that. I think there is a pattern like that in Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick.

You can choose any yarn you want, any pattern and as long as you get the right gauge for your measurements, knit up a rectangle and seam it together, leaving an opening for the thumb.

Just remember that the width of your wrist and that of your hand at the widest part at the base of your thumb is ver different so you want enough stretch to keep you warmers from slipping down over your hands.

Yes!!! I make about 2 inches of 2x2 ribbing, change to stockinette stitch and knit about 3 more inches, switch to ribbing again for about 3/4 of an inch bind off and sew up the side seam. It takes me about 2 evenings (3 hours each) to complete a pair. That’s with interruptions.

I use either 40 or 48 stitches on size 5 needles with light worsted or DK y arn.

YES!! There are two different patterns for these (one for guys, one for women) in Last Minute Knitted gifts-I have made both several times and they couldn’t be easier! I highly recommend them as really quick gifts, and very appreciated too!

Plus they’re (almost) instant gratification :thumbsup: My patterns tell you to knit in the round about 4 or five inches, then back and forth to make the thumbhole, then bring the hole together again and knit in the round another inch and a half or so and bind off. Done! And it couldn’t be easier.

OOPS, I just noticed you said no knitting in the round (sorry!) But you could easily just make them flat and sew them up too, of course!

Good luck!

Here are a couple:

This looked interesting:

I can’t find the pattern I actually used to make some quick ones for my dd, but it was exactly what you said…a square/rectangle, seamed up the side with a gap for the thumb. Easy, breezy…all garter stitch.

Thanks, everyone!! :thumbsup:
That’s exactly what I was looking for, I’m sure I can tackle one of those!
FO coming soon… hopefully!

Yes! The one I use is from the first link! I couldn’t find it anywhere so thanks for posting the link!:notworthy:

There’s a pair on Knitty also, I believe. If you can’t find a simple in-the-round pattern you like, you can just do one without a pattern, they are really simple once you get into them, I promise.

i make’em all the time like that!! of coarse i add cable or lace to’em, once you get used to making them though, you can make them however you want!!!