Simple Weave Dishcloth (FO)

That is fine with me. I have one favorite ombre: Damask Ombre from Lily Sugar ‘N’ Cream. Have you ever seen or used it?

My favorite is simply soft by caron cslled oceana

I have heard of Caron Simply Soft, but not Oceana. What does it look like?

If you look at the post I made under a jewel of a shawl you will see the Oceana (the multi color at the bottom) of the shawl. It has different kinds of blues such as turquoise, sea blue and purples such as grape, lavender and plum

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I will go back and look for it. Thank you for mentioning it.

You are welcome, you will find that caron has do many solid colors that fit perfectly with it also

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I found the picture you mentioned, and saw the Oceana. It is really beautiful. It reminds me of Lily Sugar ‘N’ Cream’s yarn Crown Jewels Ombre, which has similar colors.

Will have to check it out.

It is on Yarnspirations’ website at It is under Super Size (as in Super Size Yarn).

Thanks again will check it out.

You’re welcome.

Very nice. Good size.

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Thank you very much!

Beautiful. I love the colors.

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I have many but my favorite is carons oceana it is made up of purples and blues

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

That’s cool.