Simple watch cap in Boise State colors

Actually the orange color isn’t accurate. It was the best I could get on the computer. The actual yarn color is similar to the orange on those traffic cones! lol This is for my husband who is a huge Boise State football fan. I used a 100% cotton yarn and basically winged the hat pattern since cotton yarn stretches so very much.

Go Broncs! (I grew up 20 miles from there…)

Looks great.

Very good. :thumbsup: It should be much appreciated.

I have to laugh at Jack. He has been big a huge fan for about 8 years now and didn’t go to college there, knows no one in Idaho, has never been in Idaho, just loves their football team. I kind of get drawn in because though I am not a big college football fan, I love to see coaches like Chris Petersen who are excellent teachers of not only football, but life. Besides, where else do you have to wear sunglasses to watch a game there with that blue field? :rofl:

They’ve had pretty good football and basketball teams for years. They’re known as a ‘powerhouse’ in their league, so anyone who follows college sports would have seen their games.

Nice! I hope your husband is pleasantly surprised with it.

Very nice cap! I like the shades of yellow and blue that you chose to use!

(pssst, it’s orange and blue, but the orange washed out in the light…)

:aww: ahhh, I shoulda read more carefully…for sure, she said orange and blue…

but…I still like what I see! :wink:

How I know the colors is that the Boise State Broncos have the same ones as the Denver Broncos. Which I saw a lot of that when I lived in WY, 4 hours from Denver…

Thanks everybody. Ya, the colors didn’t come out true. The orange really is like a traffic cone and the blue is a very bright blue. Actually, my husband went through colors with me online until we found colors he said were exact. Took quite awhile for him to ok them.

Obviously a discriminating fan, both of football teams and yarn colors. Very well done and a thoughtful gift!

Good one! I like the colors I’m seeing on the computer, but I bet the true colors are gorgeous, too.

I like how you used the color in the brim!