Simple tam with worsted, circular needles

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a pattern for a simple tam or not-very-slouchy beret, knitted on a circular needle. I would like to do this with worsted wool, bottom up.

Thanks for your help!


Hi there if the tam pattern is in the round then it can be knit on circs…:thumbsup:

Here is a few that I found that are free
Staircase Tam
Bulky Tam
Simon Tam
Beret Tam(pdf file)

[COLOR="#300090"]Okay, more of a [B][U]Newsboy cap[/U][/B] than a Tam, but not slouchy at all and has a brim.

I’ve made a few of them, both using a front post DC (shows as a rib on the outside/RS) and using a back post DC (rib on the inside/WS).

Use the hook, Kirin. :slight_smile:

– Jack :guyknitting: [/COLOR]