Simple Stripes (gone), Needlemaster (available)

I have several items for sell at good prices:

I have a boye needle master set that I’ve only used twice (I’ve used the size 10.5 tips once and the size 11 tips once). There is an additional cable included but I can’t tell you which size is extra b/c I can’t remember what sizes it originally came with (there are 4 lengths of cable included)! I will take $30.00 for the set and shipping to anywhere in the continential US is free.

I have several skeins of simple stripes if anyone is interested–I’ve heard several people are upset that KP has discontinued this yarn-- The colors I have left are:
2 skeins of lime/orange/purple (snapdragon?)
2 skeins of limey-yellow/orangy-peach/light blue (sunset?)
1 skein of purple/beige/dark brown (I can’t remember the color name)
I’ll take $2.50/skein with shipping to anywhere in the cont. US included. If you purchase all of it I’ll send the whole shipment for $11.00 w/ shipping included. These skeins are 50 grams/231 yards each and they are brand new w/ the labels included.

If you are interested in these items please PM me to let me know!!!

I PM’d you about the yarn. Thanks!


The KP yarn is now gone but I still have the needlemaster set available. The additional cord length is 16’ so, when attached to needle tips, it would make a 20’ needle. Please PM me if you have questions! Thanks!


I PMed you about the Needlemaster!


I PMed you about the needlemaster

The needlemaster is no longer available. Sorry!