Simple Stitch Holder Question

I have a pattern for booties that I’m working on as part of a layette set. It calls for working 8 stitches and then “slipping them onto a stitch holder.” What I’m stuck on is…

Do I turn the needle they’re on and slip them onto the holder that way (left to right, traditionally-like)? And do I slip them knitwise or purlwise? I’m pretty sure I’m slipping them knitwise as every other slipped stitch in the pattern is knitwise, but the directional thing is throwing me.

It’s the first time I’ve used stitch holders and I don’t wanna mess it up.

Thanks ahead of time!

Slip them to the holder the easiest way. You can turn the needle and slip them to the holder–but slip them purlwise. You just want to transfer the stitches, not twist them.

After you put them back on the needle–again purlwise, then you’ll work them as in the pattern.

Great! Thanks a ton!