Simple Socks?

Hey everyone, I hope it’s okay that I put this here.

Does anyone have a simple (perferably dpn) knit sock pattern with decent instructions? One or two of you may know that, yes, I was knitting socks already, but I’ve just given up on them. The instructions are just terrible; I’m not understanding them at all. I’m positive I’m messed up major, although I haven’t unravled what I have done yet (about half of the first sock). It’s just sitting there…mocking me. -_-; So, yeah. Sorry to be negative, I’m usually not, lol. But any sock patterns anyone wants to recommend to me would be great :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, we sure do! Give this one a try! Many of us here in KH have cut our sock teeth on Silver’s sock pattern. :thumbsup:

Yay! Thank you!! :cheering: