Simple Shawl with Chain Stitch Fringe

While recovering from major surgery, I needed a simple knitting project. Daughter asked for a rectangular shawl, so I made one using seed stitch. Cast on 69 stitches, then k, p, k till it was done. How’s that for a no-brainer.
When it was finished, I wanted a nice edging, but I was bored with standard fringe or shell crochet, so I came up with a continuous loop fringe, using nothing but chain stitch and slip stitch – another no-brainer. :woot:
Here’s a photo of the fringe:

I’m with you - sometimes you just need a no-brainer. :slight_smile: Yours looks great!

That’s pretty!

Thanks. I posted instructions on my website.

Oh this is so much better than loose fringe!
I will remember your tip! Thanks! I love it!

Thanks. It does take longer, however, unless you’re a dynamo at crochet (which I’m definitely not). :teehee:

Thank you so much for telling us this method of fringing, Suz. I want to try it on prayer shawls made with Homespun. Since it frays, each piece of fringe must be knotted. Your shawl looks lovely!

Ooo, Pam, I didn’t think of that. This method might be quicker than knotting each piece of fringe. :woohoo:

I like that fringe! In fact, I like the shawl pattern too. cloud9

Neat idea! Lovely, colorful yarn too.

Thanks, All. The pattern is just seed stitch. The yarn is 2 strands of 100% cotton. One strand is thin, solid blue. The other is kind of nubby and variegated. I find that mixing solids with variegated smooths out the colors, so it doesn’t look as choppy as when I use just the variegated alone. (I can also use larger needles so the work goes faster.) :woot:

Oh, very nice idea! I’ll definitely have to try it!


OMG, I never thought of that, and this is a casual shawl, so it will get washed a lot. :thumbsup: