Simple scarf pattern help...I can't figure this out!

I am trying to knit a scarf from a pattern that seems pretty simple, but I am either reading it wrong, or it is missing something.

I have never used a chart before, but I watched a bunch of videos on decoding them. But this one looks very different from the rest I’ve seen, since every row has an odd row number-- there are no even rows. And when I compare it to the written pattern, it doesn’t seem to match. If I’m reading it right, some of the knits should be purls. So I tried to just use the written pattern, but I’m not sure if it is correct, and row 20 is missing so I couldn’t use that anyway. And if I can’t read the chart correctly then I couldn’t get row 20 from that either.

I am so confused. Can a more experienced knitter please take a look and give me some advice? Am I missing something?

Thank you!

The chart for the pattern doesn’t tell you that the even rows should be knit as the stitches present themselves. That means that on an even row, knit the V-looking knit stitches and purl the bumps. The 3 sts at each edge are always knit on either the odd or even rows.
You’ll be able to see this as you work a few rows of the pattern. The columns of Vs or bumps will be easier to read. You can fill in chart row 20 this way. By the time you get to it, you’ll be a pro.
Work the yo as if to purl. That’s what most patterns recommend so you might as well get in the habit. It doesn’t matter here since the sts are eventually dropped.

But on the chart, it says a dash is knit on odd rows, and purl on even rows if I’m reading this correctly. But in the written instructions, these are listed as knits on all rows. So which is correct? If I can’t make sense of that, then I won’t be able to translate the pattern correctly for row 20.

Also, in these types of patterns, I get that I should read row 1 from right to left, but for row 2 which is not numbered do I read row 1 from left to right? Either way, it doesn’t seem to match up to the written instructions.

Reading row one left to right on the WS rows isn’t a dependable way to go. Read the chart for the RS, odd number rows or follow the written pattern. On the WS, knit the first and last 3 sts as the written pattern states. The odd number lines in the written pattern are correct and they agree with the RS rows on the chart. The even number lines are also correct for the pattern.
Make a swatch to see how this works out. Cast on 20sts and only work one repeat of the pattern (the section between asterisks) as written.

I’m sorry, but I’m still confused. Take row 4 for example. According to the chart key, shouldn’t there be a yarn over increase as the 7th stitch of the row? But row 4 of the written instructions don’t have any yo. So is the key incorrect, and the yo is only for the RS odd rows? And if so, what do I do for those stitches on the WS even rows?

That’s a perfect example. The problem is that there isn’t a row 4 in the chart and you can’t assume a row 4 from the chart. Row 3 has a yo but for row 4 you have to read the written directions. Those directions are correct, there’s no yo in row 4.
Often, the key is a generic one that comes in chart programs and I think that’s what is happening here.

So, follow the chart for the odd rows and follow the written directions for the even rows. On the even rows, you will also be able to look at the stitches (knit the knit and purl the purls, purl the yo).