Simple sample hat

I have a question about the simple sample hat pattern by Christine Roy on Ravelry.
She explains the different stitch patterns. By garter st she says round 1 knit (k) till end of round…round 2 purl (k) to end of round. Huh? Garter st is all knitting…so does this have something to do with being in the round?
If so, would I purl round 2? Strange she shows purl but K in brackets.

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Yep! When you knit in the round you’re not knitting the back so you need to purl every other round. No idea why she put K in brackets. Cute hat!

BTW…since you’re discussing sampler hats… here’s one you might want to try sometime if you want to learn something new. Mosaic knitting. I made a hat using this pattern and it’s fun. I’m feeling a need for another.

This is mine if you want to look.

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This does look fun! Yours is beautiful. You are so talented.

I found a you tube video from knit picks that shows the
Long tail cast on in a real easy way to understand. It is
Working for me! They are tight…so I must learn to not
Tighten each cast on so much. It is a lovely edge.

Thanks again!

Oh thanks! It’s super easy to do that hat! It’s just slipped stitches so no floats and only one color at a time!

Yeah, some people say long tail is too tight, but you just need to learn to do them more loosely. If you really need a stretch cast on you can use german twisted which is similar to LT, but I have to look it up every time I do it. I’ve only used it on socks when I made them cuff down.

Can you use itunes card to pay for patterns on Ravelry?

Hmm… I don’t know, but I doubt it. Is it a VISA or some kind of card?

Dumb thinking on my part.
It is a card used on the ipad but for games and music
And such.
Too bad…I will have to pass.

I forgot to tell you to check your Rav messages.