Simple question!

The pattern is instructing me to cast on 2 sts at beginning of row that already has knitti g on it. Is this any different from increasing a stitch at beginning of row? They have instructed me to increase a stitch at begiining of row prior to this so I’m wondering what is the differnce ?Thanks to all who are so generous to help me!!

One difference is because it’s two sts. It’s easier to cast on 2 than to increase in a st twice. The other difference may depend on why you’re doing the increase. Are there further increases in succeeding rows, as for sleeve shaping?

What I need to know is how is casting on different than increasing? Im casting on 2 sts to start shaping underarm on a doll!

Casting on is a way of increasing, usually for several sts. Increasing in a st is a more gradual way of increasing.

Casting on is usually done to start a project and sometimes it’s done on the end of rows to create a shape like in a one piece sweater for the arms or under the arms where there are no stitches. Increases are generally done within the knitting to create shaping.

But do I do it the same way as increasing??

No, you can do a knit cast on. Knit into the first st, but leave it on the left needle, and put the new st on the needle too. Repeat that again and you have 2 new sts. Increasing and casting on both add sts, but incs bunch them up like VV but a cast on makes a straight line like ___. For adding sleeves on you want the straight line.

This links to a KH video that shows you the knit cast on that Sue is describing.

Thank you very much! That was very helpful! Thanks again to all who wrote to help me!!