Simple question

I’m trying to do this : for my new born nephew.
It’s simple enough, but I’ve got a problem. When I get to row 5 or 7, I don’t have enough stitches… Sooo, the question is, when they say *K2tog. yfwd. Rep from *, do they mean to alternate between yarn forward and “in the back” like for a regular stitch?

Hi! :waving:

This is a way of designating how you’ll do a yarn over after you’ve knit 2 stitches together. When you knit two stitches together you lose a stitch. To keep the number of stitches even you need to put a stitch back and the way you do it, per the pattern is …

-Knit two together
-Bring your yarn forward then back around the right needle so it’s
in position to knit
-Knit those next two together
-Bring your yarn forward and around the right hand needle to get
back in position to knit again. and so on across the row.

This will allow you to decrease with your knit two together and add in the lost stitch with your yarn over.

It’s a beautiful pattern. Let us know how it goes. Hope this helps!

Ruthie :hug:

You can see how this is done in THIS VIDEO for making an eyelet row in knitting. It’s the same things as the pattern you are doing, that it, Knit two together, then wrap the yarn to make up for losing the previous stitch. Anyway, I hope being able to see it done will help you. That’s a lovely blanket!


Thank you! I still would like to know if I have to do a yarn over all the way across or if I have to alternate (doing something like K2tog, yarnover K2tog, K2tog, yarnover…).

I’ll definitely let you know how it’s going, it’s my first ‘big’ project (did loads and loads of scars and some wrist warmers) :slight_smile:

Ooopps! Nevermind that last reply, I guess I didn’t understand correctly, I’ll try this out!

Hi again!
Alright, now I’ve got another problem! Everything is fine with the yfwd and k2tog, but the next step of the patter is really confusing! You see, I have to k1, sl1, k1, pass over, which is fine, but I have to do this for quite a few rows… Do I have to increase the stitches at one point? Because right now, it looks like a giant ruffle and it’s not good!


Yep, k1, sl1, k1, pass over, makes a decrease of one stitch. Are there more yos or yfwds somewhere? Otherwise, it will get smaller. Also, sometimes the increases are worked in to rows prior or following.

Yes, but about 10 rows later and no indication of increase in the pattern, but when I have to start over. I posted the link to the pattern in the first post. I came up with a solution, I’ll just do one row of the increase between the yfwd k2tog, to make sure there’s enough stitches. Does that makes sense?



Found the pattern. On rows 15 & 17, you make a yo (by yfwd between knit stitches) then work a decrease of Sl1. K1. psso. The ydwd & decrease cancel one another out. So the number of stitches stays the same.

A-HA! Thank you very much!:muah: