Simple question (Yfwd)

I have a pattern that requires to yfwd (a.k.a. yf). I thought it was like YO. After thinking about it for awhile, I don’t think it’s the same. I’m not exactly sure how to do yfwd :?? Thanks!

it depends on what it actually says. does it say YFWD or does it say With yarn forward? YFWD is generally considered to be a yarn over. with yarn forward is something different and is basically instructing you where your yarn should be when you do the next stitch.

If your next stitch is a knit, the yfwd will automatically result in a yo. Sometimes you slip stitches with the yarn forward to create another look. Just move the yarn forward and do what’s next and see what happens!

Aaah! Thanks, guys. I don’t have the exact pattern with me right now. When I go home tonight, I’ll take a look at the pattern and see what it says for the yfwd and post it on here. I got the pattern from the Baby Bernat Coordinates Label. It’s for a baby afghan. Maybe you know what pattern I’m talking about… :thinking: Oh yeah, I remember the pattern with a slip stitch before the YO…but I’m not too sure on that…

I found the pattern. Here it is:

1st row: (RS). K4. *yfwd. K3 .sl1K. K2tog. psso. K3. yfwd. K1. Rep from * to last 3 sts. K3.

The rest of the pattern is pretty simple. I’m just a little confused on the yfwd part…if anyone can explain it, I would greatly appreciate it! :smiley:

:smiley: This seems to be a theme today.

Put the yarn forward, do the next stitches as they’re written and you will get yo’s to offset the dec. Follow it step by step and you’ll see that it will all balance out and look like the pattern.

We’re all smiling, cuz it’s a 3 day weekend! Woo hoo!!! Guess it couldn’t be much simpler than that! :wall: Thanks so much, Ingrid! You’re the best!!!