Simple question about Yarn Foward

So, I’m going to start my first pair of toe up socks, and There’s one note that I don’t get. I’ve only been kniting for a year and have never seen this

“yf Yarn Forward - bring the yarn to the front of the work WITHOUT making a loop over top of the needle.”

Does this make an increase like yo does? Or is that just to get the yarn out of the way?

Here’s the pattern I plan on using -


And I may use Silver’s sock tutorial too. But that’s if I get stuck. I’ve knit arm warmers before and other stuff…This hopefully wont be too hard.

oh ya, and what’s “light worsted weight yarn”? I thought there was just Worsted weight and that was it? :thinking:

In this case, the yarn forward direction is to prepare for your short rows. After you do the yf, you’ll be turning the knitting to work the other way. This puts the yarn in the right place for that.

oh okay. I havent done short rows but this makes a lot of sense! Thanks :slight_smile:

I already bought my yarn…time to watch a movie and knit :slight_smile: