Simple question about a v neck pattern!

Hi guys!

This is my first post and I would love a slightly more experienced knitter to help me out with a silly question I have. I’m knitting Wool and the Gang’s ‘Any Time Any Wear’ sweater and am starting the v neck section. The pattern (step 11, to be exact in case anyone has it) says that after knitting two stitches, making a left-leaning decrease and then knitting 10 more stitches to the middle of the row, I should turn my work. It then says “From now on you will be working across half of your stitches only to form your neckline. You’ll come back to the other 15 stitches later.”

This is the part I’m stuck on, although it sounds very east - how do I just knit half of my stitches? Do I have to place the 15 stitches that I’ll come back to on another needle or a kind of safety holder? I’m just unsure of how to go onto the next step (which is purling my next row) and really don’t want to mess it up!

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies, I really appreciate any help!!

Welcome to KH!

Knit across the sts described in the pattern. When you’ve knit the 10sts there should be 15 sts on the left needle. You can place them on a stitch holder or scrap yarn or or another needle. You can even leave them on the left needle but be sure not to inadvertently knit them by mistake.

This was so helpful, thank you!

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