Simple, lightweight, stitch?

Hey guys, I’m kinda new to knitting, and I’m trying to knit a cloak that I can use generally. I want a light weight stitch that won’t be too heavy because it’s going to be a long cloak, to about my knee and I’m 5ft tall. I plan to wear the cloak a lot. I’m planning to work it in 5 pieces for the part that hangs down my back, and making a hood of the same stitch in possibly 1 or 2 pieces, any ideas on a light stitch? Please and thank you for the help. :heart:

I think almost any stitch can be lightweight depending on the yarn weight and the size needles that you use. Even garter stitch which is rather dense can be lightweight on large size needles or with a finer, thinner yarn.

It’s in size 8 needles, and it’s a white worsted weight yarn, garter is too bulky, it’s not a too thick yarn, but if I used garter it might be the same weight as my backpack, and I plan to wear this to school… thanks for the reply though :smiley: :woot:

Is this a pattern you are creating or is it one that’s already out there? If someone else created it, then perhaps you can find some yarns that others have used for it on (free to join). Just search for your pattern by name, and then look at the “Projects” tab to see who all has made this pattern. If it’s one you’re designing, you might still try searching for knitted capes on Ravelry and read what other knitters have to say about their experience. This can really give you some good information.

Worsted weight yarn is heavier than say DK or sport weight yarn, and different fibers will result in different drapes (often your bamboo and silk fibers have more drape, for example). I would look around at some different weight yarns and fibers and even do some large swatches to make sure this cape hangs and drapes the way you want it to, that it isn’t too light or too heavy, and that the fabric won’t stretch out of shape too much.

This sounds like a very important garment that you plan to use extensively. If that’s the case, I would highly recommend doing lots of homework before investing hours and hours into a cape that might be either A) too heavy and likely to stretch out of shape or B) so lightweight that you float down the halls of your school more like Dracula.

Just my two cent’s worth!

I looked up so many different patterns, they were too complicated >.<

The basic stitches are all pretty much the same ‘weight’, you would adjust by using thinner yarn and the size 8s or a larger needle with the worsted, though that may come out too large. Something this long may have a tendency to stretch though; when you think of it, you’re actually knitting something about a small blanket size.

Thanks everyone, you’ve all been very helpful