Simple Lattice Stitch in Knit (lace)

I need a very basic pattern for a stitch pattern only for a lattice lace, in knit, not crochet preferrably.

Just the basic diamond shape with a hole in the middle. That’s it!

I figure someone can just tell me, and that might be easy.

What I see on the web are complete shawls, etc. with the rest of the pattern or using two colours, and I don’t want to confuse myself.

My brain’s not working in this heat, I’ve also forgotten what a square “hole” in knitting is called, even though I know I KNOW lol and I know how to do it. It’s bugging me. He he!

This is in what I’ve designed in a clutch, by the way.

I figured I could sit and knit, but on my 2nd row, it’s time to start the decorative stitching and I want that first row to be lattice.

Thanks so much!

A basic book from teh library with multiple stitch patterns might help…the knitting bible has quite a few as does vogue knitting.

Here is a free one from Knitting on the Net. They have a great list of free stitch patterns. The swatch doesn’t look like much, but I am certain it wasn’t blocked. It definitely doesn’t look blocked.

Lacy Lattice - just what you wanted!

THANKS! I will check these out…

Oh that’s an eyelet, btw. It’s funny how you can force it into your head when you really need it.