Simple Knitted Shawl

I’m about to start one of THESE, won’t you join me?

It is a simple to knit shawl done in Patons Allure yarn which is very nice. I knit one for myself in Sapphire which makes a nice piece and goes well with blue jeans too.

My mother saw it and wanted one for herself. So I thought it would be nice to knit one for her birthday which is March 19th. I am making her’s in Aquamarine, which by the way turns out to be a really beautiful color. I better get going!

I hope you’ll join me, I’ll post pics as I go along.

The pattern can be found HERE.

I’m sorry I cannot join. I’m afraid I will be consulting my stash for the next couple projects … :cry:

But do post updates!!! :slight_smile:

Do you have a pic of your finished shawl? I can’t wait until I get my photoshop program fixed so that I can start posting pics!


I’ll take a pic today and post it up later on. Thanks for asking.