"simple knits for cherished babies"

So, I need some help. I bought this book a while ago: Simple knits for Cherished Babies. I’m making the “Chunky Cardigan”. And I’ve got all the pieces made (front, back, arms).


I left my damn book on the plane yesterday when I changed planes in Cincinnati. Talk about a big bummer.

So I’ve got all the pieces made, and I know I have to pick up a bunch of stitches around the collar, but I don’t know how many or what stitches to do. Does anyone have this book? Can you email me the last bit of the pattern? What do I do after I’ve made the arms? I think I need the instuctions for the “FRONT BAND” and beyond. – I think its only a couple paragraphs.

In the meantime, I’m going to call Delta, hopefully they can find my book :(.

I dont have the book, but I am QUITE sure that I saw it at my library…you may want to check yours. Good luck! That just STINKS!!!

I have the book actually with me at work. . . I will e-mail you what you are looking for! Hopefully you can find the book though. It is a nice one.

PM me if you don’t get the info from Sara…I have the book as well. Bummer! :frowning:

Here is the file…


Hope this helps.

thanks for posting the link!!!

You may want to remove the PDF though so that we don’t get in trouble for any copyright laws.


- Jess

Thanks Jess, I removed the link, so if you click on it now, it won’t go to that page, it was disabled. I actually do have your e-mail address, so I will send it to you. I am a dope and clicked on the wrong thing. :doh:


I’ve just gotta buy some buttons and then I’ll send it off!

Thanks again for copying the last page of the pattern. Still no word from Delta, but hopefully they find it.

It’s really beautiful. I can’t wait to start mine for my sister who is due in August. That is why I purchased the book. I hope they find your book!

MUCH cuteness!!!