Simple knit question

I’ve been knitting for a few years now and I’ve recently noticed that my stitches sit on the needle differently than I’ve seen in books. Where my knit stitches have the front loop in the back, most other places I’ve seen have the front loop of the knit stitch on top - like so:

that is not the best image but you get the idea - my stitches are opposite from that; the nearest part of the loop is in the back. Is this hurting anything or is there some way I can knit differently to change this?

Thanks in advance.

When you knit, are you knitting through the front of the loop or the back? It sounds to me like your stitches are twisted somehow. Perhaps more knowledgable people on here will know better than I do though. Good luck!

Hiya eratkiew,
Sounds like you are knitting into the back of the knit stitch when you are knitting or that you grab or wrap the yarn a little different. There is a video I think on here that is called “combination knitting”. If it’s consistent all the way through your work than it’s not wrong it’s just your way of knitting. If it’s like on one or two stitches in each row then yeah it would be a blooper but if that’s how you’ve always done it then it’s not.
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I’m one of those that always knits through the back loop, combination knitting, I think it’s called. My stitches look like you described. There’s nothing wrong with it, just know that if you want your decreases to lean the correct way you need to do them a little differently.

Thanks so much for your suggestions. Turns out I do the combined knitting and now I can just keep that in mind when I do work that calls for shaping. I’ve had this problem for ages and I could never figure out what I was doing wrong. Thanks so much for your help!!