Simple knit items to decorate the home

Hello everyone,
I was looking for some knitting advice. My husband and I will be moving to our Scarborough condos by the end of next week. I have always been into DIY craft items. I have made a lot of craft items from waste products like plastic bottles and other stuff.
But, I am a beginner in the case of knitting. I just started knitting so don’t know any easy tricks or ideas. I already have some things in my mind that I can make from the old and unused stuff to decorate our condo. But I was hoping I could also use some knitted items to decorate the condo.
I searched online and I found many creative ideas- The things like chair covers, cushion covers, knit lamps, Floor pillows looks really good. They all seem interesting. But, I think these kinds of things need more skill. I am just a beginner at this. So I was hoping to get some items that I can make easily. Something that is super easy and creative at the same time.
Any ideas are welcome.
Thanks in advance!

Hi there are a few ideas if you click the link not sure if its what your looking for