Simple hoodie

I finished this hoodie a while ago. It was very simple and fun.

very nice work!

I have been looking for patterns for hoodies for my wife, she loves them. Must admit I don’t mind them myself on a cold morning at work. That looks great Valentina, nice one.


freebs :slight_smile:

Cute hoodie! I really like the stripes :slight_smile:

Very cute! I love the colors. Where did you find the pattern?

That is really cute, great job. I like the color combo


Aww how cute! :thumbsup:

That is adorable, love the sleeves.

Very nice! :thumbsup:

Thank you all for nice words!

I am glad you like it.:woot: It is for a little boy, Robert.

Too cute!!!

:inlove: aww how cute!

Thank you! :muah:

More pictures:

Another hoodie:

Both are beautiful!! GREAT job!

Very cute :slight_smile:

They are both adorable!

With bigger pictures I can see them better now - Those are both adorable! Your seaming and zipper sewing skills are fantastic!

Thank you all! I just love to make hoodies. :knitting:

There is more: