Simple hat with ribbing

Not so simple. I knit a hat with knit 4 purl four ribbing . I want to have the turned up edge of hat to be on the stockinette side of finished hat. How do I do that ? Begin with purl instead of knit ? June

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I’m not sure I understand the problem. You want to start a hat with k4p4 rib and make it deep enough to turn up. The rest of the hat is knit in stockinette? Since the rib is k4p4 there shouldn’t be a problem turning up the brim.
But maybe I’m missing something here?

Are you knitting in the round? I’m not sure I understand what you mean either. If you did 4x4 ribbing that will be at the bottom. Are you saying your hat is inside out and the purl side is showing? If so just flip it the other way. It’s possible you may be knitting inside out if it didn’t look like stockinette. If it looks like purl on both sides you probably made garter stitch.

I want to turn it do that the ribbing good side is turned up to the stockinette side. No I believe I’m wrong. The ribbing seems to be the same on either side. Sorry for my confusion. Getting back to knitting after years of absence. Know of a good sight for cable stitch. ? Thanks june

Ribbing is a reversible stitch so it will look the same on both sides. Are you knitting flat and seaming? If so this makes more sense. If you’re knitting in the round you won’t be turning at all.

Knitting flat. now I have a new problem the stockinette is completely curled, I’ve run out of yarn, and I think I might have come up with a solution. I think I’m going to turn it into an infinity scarf and put curled edges together. Posed the problem as a new question so don’t answer that one but tell me if I’m goofy about this solution. Uploading…

Your photo or link didn’t upload. I think a photo would help us. Usually for a seamed item the curl of stockinette doesn’t matter because the seam flattens that out.

Sorry . I see it’s still trying !! Argh Ok I’ll try seaming the scarf together into an infinity one . No patience ! No more time. Done with it.