Simple hand warmer

I noticed my hand was getting cold while I knitted so I took a break from the sweater I’m working on to make this wool beer cozy.

Sorry, no pattern. I just did it. About all I remember is a beer bottle is about 8" around and I knit the length with negative ease before decreasing.

A beer cozy! Good job figuring it out! :thumbsup:

Great job!

For those of you who want a pattern…

That works.
But I started like crocheting granny squares with a lot of increases. My bottom is flat (well, mine not so much after drinking these beers trying it out, although the cooler’s bottom is still flat).
That’s mainly the part I can’t say how I did it. I crochet cozies to fit things without taking notes, this time I did it with needles instead of a hook.

I kept saying, “I’m knitting a sweater for my beer.”
“Why do you want a sweater for your beer?”
"Because it’s cold. Duhhh!"
When I got it done I put it on my beer and set it on the table in front of my roommate. “You need help.”

Good idea. I think I have a pattern for something like that in a book somewhere. I might need to make some for my DB for his birthday. Thanks:) for the inspiration.

That was my intention. Although I was thinking more along the lines of quick and easy for Christmas.


Ditto Jan!

Oh yeah! Between you with beer cozy, and Mason with the pipe holster…this place will NEVER BE BORING! Good job there, Mike! You saw the need and TCOB!

:slight_smile: it turned out great! I love how we can improvise and create the perfect thing we need! Great job!

[color="#330099"]Thanks, Mike. I remember seeing wine bottle gift “sock” on this site before. The beer sock is a great idea.

Since you didn’t make a pattern I was forced to look for a way to get started. Here is a video I found for Circular COs.

Two methods are show, first is single crochet six times in a “magic loop” then slipped onto DPNs, the second is an invisible knit CO around a loop in the yarn. With both methods you can pull the tail to close the loop for a tight center.

One suggestion I have for the video is that the tail be worked into a few stitches in the early rounds to keep it tight and secure it so you don’t have to fiddle with it as you go along.

now I just need a nice, invisible increase to use after either of these cast on.

Any suggestions?[/COLOR]

Nice job!

I like that way better. I just started it like I would a sock or hat, but a lot smaller.

Increasing enough for it to stay flat was a problem. I think I kfb and M1 at least one row. It’s hardly invisible, but it’s on the bottom. I was more worried about it being flat.
I’m trying one in crochet right now and I went around in a spiral and increased when it looked like I needed an increase. I thought about doing that and then slipping it to needles.


Hey Mike! Do you want to collaborate on a …
holster for a pistol? Wait, that sounds too flimsy to work right in yarn.
carry case for a shotgun or rifle? :roflhard:

A few more of these FOs and the Ladies might just give us our own forum section… Silly things men knit!


Probably too stretchy to handle the weight.
I’ve considered long gun cozies to keep the dust and dog slobber off, but I would need so many of them.

A 5 gallon beer cozie would be a good addition to extend my brewing into the warmer months. Cotton would probably have the best wet cooling effects, I don’t know if I’d like working with cotton for that long.

Cute! …but drinking beer in wintertime makes me super-cold! I’d rather have a hot toddy, or cocoa with cayenne pepper (just a titch).
It is currently -12 degrees and snowing. The car is covered and I have to go out in the morning.