Simple/General Eyelash Yarn question - first-timer here!

Hello All-

I’m starting the Cape Mod Poncho from Stitch N Bi*ch. It calls for bulky yarn knitted while holding 2 strands of eyelash yarn. I’ve made my first round (top of turtle-neck collar) and I was wondering - should I just keep going or am I supposed to “groom” the eyelashes out of the yarn. I know I’ve just begun but it doesn’t really look like what I thought it would look like. The “lashes” are getting trapped in the bulky yarn. Should I pick them out?? Or does it all work out in the end? I’m supposed to do 3 rounds of a 2X2 rib holding all 3 strands. Hmmm…just wondering if anyone has any feedback to help me with this?

THanks in advance!

I’d do the 3 rounds and then pick the strands out. I’ve found that just using a knitting needle and running it along each row helps to pull out the eyelashes.

I too have found that when working with eyelash and “regular” yarn at the same time the eyelash parts get caught up in my stitches. The good news is they tend to work themselves out over time/with use. So I would not worry about them now. In fact I probably wouldn’t worry about them at all until I was finished. Then I would go back and pull out/pick up those eyelash bits that were caught in the row after I stopped carrying the eyelash. But for the carried-along section I generally find running my hand/fingernails over it a few times brings up most of the lashes - or at least enough for me. Be careful if you decide to go back and free all of the eyelash that you don’t end up pulling them out completely!

Good luck!

Thanks! I see improvement after round #2. Seems that they just pop out with all the handling in subsequent rounds. Hard to imagine that I’m going to want to wear this next week. Just turned the AC on here - the temp is rising in Texas!!

Thanks again!

(I should explain that I’m going to NYC with my sisters next week and I hear it’s a bit cooler up north right now!)

Eyelash yarn is evil. :roflhard: Yes, you do have to pull the “lashes” out. I am in the process of felting an Easter Basket that has some eyelashy stuff as trim and I had to go through and pull all the lashes out. I hope it felts okay. :rollseyes:

I waqs knitting Pigmy Puffs out of that PIA yarn, it was fun the first time, the 3rd was HORRIBLE
but they were CUTE when all was said and done


Bernat Eyelash was the worst for getting stuck in the stitches for me. The scarves I made using one strand of LB Boucle and LB Fun Fur had the same problem to some extent. After a few wearings, those scarves almost look like porcupines to me since the “lashes” are all so long and straight {and no longer stuck!}. When knitting with only the Bernat Eye Lash, I would take the tip of my needle to try and coax the ends out a bit {a few rows down}, but didn’t go nuts. They did seem to look better after some wear, regardless of how much I tried to fluff them while knitting.