Simple Drop Shoulder Top

It’s a little thick and is not suitable for summer or tropical country… after doing this, sometime is quite boring because all you do is one row knit and one row purl… Gosh:passedout:

It’s very pretty! I know what you mean when you have just a simple design for a long time. I sometimes get the urge to throw in a row of lace just to shake things up LOL

me too, it gets so impatient though knitting should be a patient game…

Very pretty!!

It came out beautiful!


Maybe not right for your climate, but it is just beautiful. You do wonderful work.

:yay: it’s wonderful!!

Very nice!

Beautiful knitting.

Very nice.

I think it looks very pretty and I like the neck detail x

It may have been boring to knit, but it looks very nice.

Pretty top!