"simple beanie"

I’m at the stage with my “super chunky” Rib Guernsey Sweater (with diamond texture) where I just have to gently iron it and then sew it up.

As I have three balls of the super chunky yarn left I decided to knit a “simple beanie” (takes 100g of yarn). I thought I’d share the pattern as it’s a basic one:

It’s suitable for a man with a normal sized head (suggestion that 59 cms [23 inches] is how wide it will be, but with super chunky yarn it’s got a fair bit of flexibility especially if you use Cable Cast on).


13 sts and 18 rows to 10 cm [4 inches] over stocking (stockingette) stitch, using 7mm needles (circular I use).

Cast on 19 sts, work 28 rows in stocking(ette) stitch. Cast off loosely. If less sts use smaller needles, if more sts use bigger.


Using 6mm needles cast on 71 sts.
Work 14 rows stocking st.
! change to 7mm needles
Continue in stocking st until work measures 22 cm [8.5 inches] (8 cm [3 and an 8th inches] has been allowed for roll at lower edge), ending with a purl row.


Row 1 - K1, K2tog, K5 - rep ** to end … 61 sts
Row 2 - purl
Row 3 - K1, K2tog, K4 - rep ** to end … 51 sts
Row 4 - purl
Row 5 - K1, K2tog, K3 - rep ** to end … 41 sts
Row 6 - purl
Row 7 - K1, k2tog, K2 - rep ** to end … 31 sts
Row 8 - purl
Row 9 - K1, K2tog, K1 - rep ** to end … 21 sts
Row 10 - purl
Row 11 - K1, K2tog 10 times … 11 sts
Row 12 - P1, P2tog 5 times … 6 sts

Break off yarn, leaving a long end. Run end through remaining sts, draw up tightly and fasten off securely.


Using a wool needle, sew in all ends. Back-stitch, join seam, reversing seam for first 8cm at cast on edge (this is important as the edge is rolled up and your back stitch needs to remain hidden). Allow fabric to roll to to right side.

This pattern was my mother’s and she used it when teaching basic knitting to students. Super chunky yarn she would have used was handspun merino. For this, I suggest a 10 or 12 ply yarn. Make sure you do your tension/guage …

Thanks for posting your mother’s pattern. Do you have any pictures of a finished one?

Very welcome - maybe you might help with the conversions from metric to US?

I do have a finished beanie - but just waiting for my camera to recharge - will post when I take the photo.

That is so cool. I’d love to have a pattern someone I knew or was related to used. I know of no other knitters in my family, a few crocheters but they don’t use patterns. What metric to U.S. conversions are you wondering about? If it’s needle size, my gauge tells me 5.76 mm is a U.S. 10 and 6.5 mm is U.S. 10 1/2. When I have a pattern that measures in cm I just use cm if the inches aren’t given. I figure it doesn’t hurt to get familiar with such things.

I’m looking forward to your photo. Hat and sweater. Oh yeah, congrats on being so close to done with the sweater. I think you just might be a knitting machine. :wink:

Thanks for sharing this pattern, David. And I take it your mom taught you to knit? That’s pretty cool! I have a favorite aunt who taught me to crochet. There’s just something about doing a craft that you’ve learned at the feet of someone you love.

Looking forward to your pics! Your knits are always well done! And you’re so zip-zip-zippy!

My needle gauge and all the charts I’ve seen call a US10 6mm. What brand is your gauge? The 7mm would be US 10.75 and it’s availble in the US; knit picks/knit pro have tips that size, and it can be found in other brands.

Boye is the brand. I double checked and I got what it says right. I won’t say Boye got it right.

It may be their size 10s are an odd size, especially if it’s an older one. I have a Lion gauge and it shows 6mm as the 10.

Thanks for sharing your mom’s pattern. I can’t wait to see the pics!

Here’s the finished product - as you can see, the model is not attractive but his beanie is!

I takes about four hours to make (and I’m an average speed knitter).

The brand of wool I used is an Australian Patons one: Inca it’s called, 50% wool, 30% acrylic and 20% alpaca.

That’s a cool way to do the cuff, just turn it up. Thanks for the look.

Very nice! You look good in it.

What you mean? You look great in that hat! I, too, really like the brim. I’ll have to add this one to my favorite hat “recipes.”

Thanks very much for the pattern and thanks to your mom for her simple beanie. I like that kind of brim on a knit hat very much and it looks great on you. Wonderful picture!

So it’s basically a roll brim, stockinette hat with the brim folded up? I’ve do e rolls, but not folded them up. It looks cool! Thanks!!

Great looking hat (and model)! thank you for sharing the pattern, it is just the hat I’ve been looking for.

ohhhh, that’s a good lookin’ beanie! and the model is great, too! nothin’ like a big smile!