Simple Beanie?

Well, I wanted to knit my friend something and he said if it was going to be anything it had to be something like this:

(sorry the link is so huge ^^")
And so far, I haven’t been able to find any patterns even close to it. So if any of you have some ideas, I would be eternally grateful. x3

Thank you much in advance! ^^

It just looks like a 1x1 rib hat made too tall so it slouches in the back. Can you knit in the round? What weight yarn do you want to use?

Here’s a simple one in fingering weight that you’d just knit taller.

Here’s one in worsted weight.

Yes, I can knit in the round. ^^ (although it does get messed up most of the time. xP)
Any type of yarn would be fine by me. But in the picture it looks pretty small, so I guess fingering weight.

8D Thank you for the help! I’ll give 'em a try. x)