Simple beanie pattern question

okay so i have the pattern down good along with the cast on and knit knit purl purl but for some reason i do not understand how to connect. when i did the cast on i placed a roll marker and then continued on to the knit knit purl purl and it didn’t seam like it connected. hope someone can help, THANKS

We need more info. Can you give us a link? What yarn are you using? Are you trying to join so you’re knitting in the round? What type of needles are you using?

Are you using double pointed needles or circular? I found this video very helpful when I found my knitting wasn’t joining. I’m not sure if this is the recommended way to do it. (I am a very new knitter) but maybe this will help you.

Look at the advanced techniques tab for knitting in the round videos. If your sts don’t stretch all the way around the needle, you’ll have to use the magic loop or single loop method.