Silver's Sock Tutorial

I just tried printing Silver’s Sock Tutorial and because I have a colored printer, I can’t read the colored print easily. Is there a way to get it to print in black???

Did you use the print versions of the tutorials? The reason there are different colors is to separate and make it easier to see the differences for yarn weights. So if you are using worsted weight you know you are to make sure you have the “green” numbers.

The only option I see is to write on the pattern after you’ve printed it, or copy and paste it to your word processor and fix it that way. Do be careful though because you won’t be able to tell at a glance the correct number of stitches for your yarn.

Also…does your printer need ink?

Thanks, I didn’t see the printer friendly version. That did show me that one of my colors is low. I’ll get the DH to fix that!!! :aww: