Silver's Sock Tutorial--will yarn make 1 sock or 2?

Thanks to the great help on this forum, I finally was able to “join” and have been enjoying the ribbed cuff of my first sock. With the yarn dwindling, though… The pattern says 420 yards of sock weight with size 2 or 3 needles. I have 2 balls of Bernat Sox yarn, each is 203 yards, and I’m using size 3 dpns. I thought if I made the cuffs a little shorter, there would be enough, but now I wonder if the 420 yards is for one sock. If so, I need to quit and start over with a different yarn, since the store no longer carries this yarn. Thank you!

It depends on what size your foot is. If you have an average size foot, than it will probably do. If you have a bigger one, that probably one more.

You can always finish the toes with a complimentary color if you are worried about running out. I’d start the new color when the first ball runs out.