Silver's Sock Tutorial plugged on KP Podcast!

I was listening to Kelly’s podcast from KnitPicks and she plugged Silver’s magic loop toe up sock tutorial!! :slight_smile: YAY!!!

I noticed that. Go Silver!


Way to go, Silver! You’re getting famous!!! One day we’ll all say, “We knew her when…”


I can’t find where I saved it… help …:hair:

:woohoo:Congrats Silver:star:! You deserve all the fame and glory! Your tutorials are amazing!!!

:biting: [SIZE=1]just because he makes you laugh![/SIZE]

not to mention her patterns! can you imagine what will come after palindrome? thud

Not sure what link you need. Here is the podcast link:

And here is Silver’s tutorial link:


I’m a huuuge Silver fan :muah:

[I](In my best Wayne & Garth impression) [/I]I’m not worthy!!! :teehee:



:woot:Congrats Silver :woot:

:biting: Go silver!:biting:

I’m still waiting for her to be on Knitty Gritty. Vicki whats taking you so long?!?:wink:

Hey Kristin,



I guess it’s a good thing I used Knit Picks Swish and Knit Picks Options, eh? :inlove:


Whoa - that’s awesome. Many congrats!!

Hey Silver, she only mentioned so you may want to make it more obvious how to get to your sock tutorial on the homepage.

Thanks for letting me know JGM!! I did just that! :slight_smile:

i love how you did that. i think it fits right in. :thumbsup: