Silver's sock tutorial is fantastic!

Just need to say how clear and helpful the tutorial is - have finished my first ever pair of socks and am very pleased with them! Would post a pic but my camera has just died! :frowning:

I would now like to knit a small matching pair with the leftover yarn for my little mini-me Lucy who is just 16 months old - do you think casting on 24 stitches and adjusting all the other numbers appropriately will be OK size-wise??

Thanks !!!

Silver’s tutorial is great!

I would measure around the widest part of her foot and/or leg to see how many inches it is then multiply by your spi to get the cast on number. Or you could knit them toe up and be able to custom fit them the whole way :slight_smile:

:smiley: WTG on your 1st sock :cheering: :happydance: Silver’s tutorial has helped MANY people with their 1 socks…it’s great :thumbsup:
And, I ditto what Kemp said about the baby sock :wink: