Silver's sock tut question?

I finally did a sock from Silver’s sock class

I made it :cheering:

My problem is with the gusset, I’m just not sure, but the outside of the sock came out with purls and not knits!

It’s like I’m reversing the St. st. that would normally happen in the round with knitting. I promise I didn’t miss a thing, but I’m still leary of DPN’s so I’m wondering…

In other words, when I knit in the round with circs. my knit side is knit. But with the DPN and knitting in the round, I somehow my knits are purls!

I’m tickled to have gotten through the pattern, I even made it through the grafting!:woot:

Just confused about how I messed this part up? I’m sure it’s a minor thing I over looked, but I don’t get it.

Any help?

I think this link answers your question

Thank you!

I started pushing it all in, I should have pushed it out!