Silvers reversible cable scarf

I’m getting ready to knit Silver’s reversible cable scarf.
I am totally geeked doing the reversible cable but a lil apprehensive if I can understand C8F.

Is anyone familiar with this stitch? I can’t remember if I ever did any cable work so this could all be new. But I am determined.:woohoo:

Roxy :hug:

I just finished the hat
1 The C8F means when you get to that point, you put 4 stitches to your cable needle, lay it forward, knit the next 4, then knit the 4 on the cable needle and go onto your pattern from there. Laying them forward then knitting them after is what makes the twist effect.:thumbsup:
Does that help? What is confusing you?
Once you get going, you jones for the next cable to come up!:teehee:

Thanks Binkykat!
Yes that really helped a lot! I guess the only part that is confusing is how is it different from regular (not reversible) cable.

Actually it is different in this pattern. This is from the pattern: C8F: Slip 4 sts to a cable needle and hold to front,[B] K2[/B], [B]P2[/B], then [B]K2[/B], [B]P2[/B] from the cable needle. The purls are what make it reversible and are the key to the pattern.

Thanks Kristin! I’ll tell you what, it’s gonna take this whole community to make this scarf =D

Thank you

It’s doing the cables in ribbing instead of stockinette that makes them reversible, otherwise it’s just the same.

ok, am I reading this pattern right?
it says to do 4 rows K2, P2 b4 I do the cable row?

seems a little far apart. Is that right?

That’s fine. Most cable patterns have the same number of rows as there are sts in the cable. I like them longer so do 2 more rows between cables.

thanks for the prompt reply! I will get it once I see the pattern.

So you’re saying 4 rows is a standard pace with a 4 stitch cable, but if you want a longer cable effect, add a row or 2 to the off cable stitched rows?

I get it! It’s working…yay!

Thank you all so much!

Well I ripped it out :frog:
My cables were too tight. After I had three cable rows I could tell it was gonna be too tight.
So, I will try it again and go looser on the cables.

Thanks all of you so much! I learned soooooo much!
But now the holiday crunch is upon me and I gotta get busy shopping.

I can’t wait to get back to my knitting!

Y’all are awesome!

Roxy :hug:

You might also try spacing them further apart, every 6th row instead of every 4th row.

Oh, yeah, woopsie…k2p2 not knit them like I stated. Thanks for the save!:teehee:

I think I will try spacing them like you sugest Sue. I think my yarn is a bit bulkier than recomended.
Thanks for all the awesome tips! :slight_smile:

Usually I go up a needle size or 2 when I do cables. For instance, I just made this same scarf - the yarn called for a size 10 needle and I used a 10.5

Just a suggeston…

I may do that also. Thanks Sanibelle.