Silver's Free Patterns

Now I know why I’ve never finished my IHS. Been OTN for ages.

Getting frogged to be redone right! Love the [U]reversiblness! :woohoo::cheering::yay:[/U]

You are the best! (note sig, too)

Sliver I can’t get the hat pattern to come up :wall: every time I click on it the scarf comes up:noway:


Oh sorry, sometimes i’m a little dense. lol

Yes indeedy!! :slight_smile:

It wasn’t your fault, it was mine. I fixed it. :slight_smile:

:notworthy: Wow, those are brilliant!

I’ve wanted to make the Irish Hiking Scarf for a while now, but was turned off by it having a wrong side (thus is the woe of many beautiful scarves), but this I’ve GOT to try! And that hat! swoon

Now, to find the yarn…

I loved the yarn too. I guess this is a stupid question, but how did the colors change so uniformly??? I’m not familiar with the yarn, it’s a Paton’s right?

It’s not a stupid question. The colors change like that in the skein, all on their own. When it was time to add on another skein, I pulled out yarn until I got to the same spot the last skein ended with and started there so the color changes stayed in sequence.

:cheering: :yay: :cheering: :yay: :cheering:
Silver, you rock!
I just finished my first pair of socks with your tutorial (am planning MANY more) and I just ordered my first mmmmmMalabrigo to make an IHS - but the reversiblness of the Palindrome trumps that. I love it!
You’re rocking my knitting world! Thank you! :muah:

I see, so you have lots of ends to weave in at the end???

Nope. I use the felted join method. NO tails to weave in! :thumbsup:

I have never heard of the “felted join method”. Can you explain???

It’s a way of joining feltable yarns like wool by felting them together so you can’t really see the join. At my LYS, they call it the “Spit and Rub” method of joining. Amy’s video is here! :thumbsup:

I love felted joins! You can only use that method on feltable yarns though, Lu.

thank you so much, now I know what I’m going to do with my skein of mmmmmmmmmmmalibrigo, palindrome the reversible cable scarf. You’re awesome! btw I love your sock tutorials.

True, it’s also known as the “spit & rub” method, but I do not use spit. I think it’s kinda icky. I use a little spray bottle of water. :thumbsup:

so pretty! do you think two skeins of mmmmm (peachtree) would be enough for the hat and scarf? should i make the hat first then start the scarf…? such pretty patterns! i a excited to start it so i can figure out it’s reversiblness… ‘how it do that???’:rofl:

I love them, especially the hat. Thanks a lot!

This is what Im using my newly ordered mmmmmalabrigo for.

I think it might be a stretch…2 skiens of mmm, from my measurements, is approx. 432 yds…

Both Palindromes would require approx. 585 just going by the patterns.


Oooohhhh, very nice!

beautiful! I actually just bought some Patons SWS in some of the new colors to make a hat with a fold up brim…and here the perfect pattern just falls into my lap.