Silver's Free Patterns

Well it finally happened, I’ve ventured into the world of pattern writing. It started because I was inspired by Hello Yarn’s Irish Hiking Scarf, but wanted to make it reversible. So that’s what I did. I have written a pattern for it, and it is free! (Done so with Hello Yarn’s permission.) Once I finished the scarf, I wanted a hat to go with it, so that pattern is up too.

I’ll be working on more and more free patterns to offer as soon as possible. I have some ideas, but there are only so many hours in a day… and I need to do a new sock tutorial soon!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these freebies! :heart:
[B][SIZE=4]Silver’s Free Patterns[/SIZE][/B]

Those look gorgeous silver! great job!:yay:

you are so clever!! thanks!

I love those patterns! :inlove: I am making a reversible scarf based on a pattern for a shawl that uses the k2p2 technique. It’s very cool how it works! You did great!

I LOVE that hat!

Dude…when I finally get my hands on some mmmmm…THAT hat and THAT scarf are earmarked for it!

:cheering: Love the patterns! Thanks!

Thank you! Yeah I learned the technique while knitting The Great American Aran Afghan, and out of the billions of cables in that thing, this was the one I loved the most. I mean, come on, [I]REVERSIBLE[/I] cables? LOVE! :heart:

ok ok I finally ordered some Malabrigo,so now I can see what all the fuss is about. :teehee: Silver your hat will be the first thing I make with it .THANKS for sharing

I was going to make an Irish Hiking Scarf but now I’m going to make you scarf instead!

Ok Tonight is about frogging the IHS. I want it reversible. How cool is that?? YOu rock!!!

So what exactly are the copyright laws on those? Can I make them and sell them? … :roflhard:

Hey Silver! As usual, you’re doing some amazing work!! Thanks for the beautiful free patterns :happydance:


You’re truly awesome! Thanks for all you do to make knitting so much fun!

Wow, I’m flattered!! I want everyone to know that this scarf was inspired by the IHS, but I wanted it reversible, so that’s what I did. Then I got some inquiries about how I did it, so I asked for Adrian’s (@ Hello Yarn) permission before publishing mine. She only asked that I name it something different. I just figured that others might like to make a reversible scarf too… and apparently I was right. I just hope she doesn’t feel like I’m stealing her thunder. Totally not my intention.

Actually, you can. Here’s the copyright info…

All content and photos are © Kristin Bellehumeur. All rights reserved. You may print this pattern for personal, non profit use, as long as it is printed from And yes, you may sell your knitted, super cool reversible cable scarf! But it’s better as a gift. :wink:

I’m not one to agree with that “you can’t sell your knitted work” rule. Maybe I would feel different if some big company started making and selling them… but right now, I’m a young and naive pattern writer. :???: :teehee:

:muah:Silver, that is awesome!!! I just finished my 2nd IHS and now I KNOW there’s a 3rd in my future!!!

I placed a link on my blog (right under your sock link). Is it OK to share with the IHS KA blog?

Yep! Fine by me… thanks!


Thought you’d like to know, there’s a typo on the Palindrome:

says “marvel at it’s [U]reversiblness[/U]”

P.S.: I’m MARVELING!!! I don’t get HOW it makes it reversible, but I’ll have to put it OTN to see! :wink:

Yeah, it was supposed to be a little kooky tounge-in-cheek mispell, but you’re the third person who’s pointed that out. So apparently I’m not as funny as I am in my own head. :teehee:

I’ll change it to “reversibility”. But it’s booooring. :thumbsup:

Hey, yeah, I actually figured that you’d let us sell them. I’m so excited about that, and I was kinda making a joke. lol :shrug:
In any case, you rock!

there soooo nice. thanks for makeing this.

So that’s what you did with that sale SWS yarn!!!:cheering: