Silver Sock Tutorial

Hello everyone! After searching several posts, I decided I’m going to try the Silver Sock Tutorial for my first pair of socks. Since so many of you have tried it, do you have any pointers?

Thanks in advance,

this was a discussion last week in which someone mentioned this tutorial and had some steps that they added.

Me. After reading that tutorial I decided it was time for me to make socks and I ordered the yarn and dpns and it will arrive tomorrow :happydance:

Meanwhile I couldn’t wait and started a sweater.

Good luck on your socks

A fellow Elizabeth

I’m in the process of making my very first sock (can’t even call it a pair…yet) and I am using Silver’s Amazing Tutorial.

I’m about to start Step Nine (The toes). So, as a very newbie socker, my one and only pointer is to take it one step at a time. I remember reading Step Eight before I started and I thought “That’ll never make sense!” But, when I got there, it did.

My MIL, who is quite an accomplished knitter offered me the same advice: One step at a time.

Good luck!

  • Mary