Silver sock pattern question

I feel stupid asking this, but it’s been a long time making a pr of socks. I have used Silvers many times too!

I knit the cuff and went to do the heel flap of purls and slipped stitches. I got to row 32 and messed up the last row. Long story short, I tried to fix it but had to frog down a few rows to get it clean again. When I counted the rows that I had still knit, it was 14. That can’t be right, because I didn’t rip out that many rows. I’m completely boggled. All those V’s are tiny, but I can’t be that far off.
So, how long is the heel flap suppose to be? Right now it’s about 2 or 2 1/2 inches long. I really hate to frog down to the cuff.

If it’s slipped stitches, you’ll have a big V and a little v to count. The big Vs are the slipped stitches and you’ll only have one for every two rows. The little Vs are the actual rows. I’m guessing you’re counting the big Vs which will be half of the number of rows you have.

Okay,that makes sense. Now I have 16 stitches from the cuff to the needle. Does that equal 32 rows?


I don’t know, I don’t count either way. I count the bars. So I guess that’s what I’d suggest doing, go inside a column or so and count the bars going up.

I’ll try that. I’m determined to not rip the rest of those stitches out. The yarn is bamboo and it seems to split when it’s been frogged.
I just know I didn’t rip that many rows out and I had hash marks for the rows I finished. It makes no sense.


16 big V’s would be right at 32 rows for your sock heel flap. If you are still in question then 2 1/2 inches long should be the correct measurement for the flap. I have a pattern that I am doing now that didn’t even list the number of times to repeat rows 1 & 2 for the sock heal…just gave me 2 1/2 inches & that is for a woman’s med/large sock.

Hope this helps you & you can finish that heel flap now. Happy Knitting!

Thank you! :muah: Now I can finish my sock and I learned something. I KNEW I didn’t rip out that many rows.
YAY! No frogging!:woot: