Silver is famous

I just couldn’t wait to post this thread…Yesterday my January edition of Simply Knitting arrived through the post and I decided to only have a quick peek as I was night duty and wanted to save it for then. So half way through the night I get out my needles and magazine and settled down. I always just skim through my magazine at first only to go back and savor every article in depth.
And there on page 70 (SURFING WEBSITES) is our very own Silver’s Palace!!! :woot: ““American knitter and spinner, Silver, has lots of pictures on her current knitting and spinning projects, and she writes a sassy blog too.”” :thud: This is followed by a great writeup about her site. They are also advertising Ravelry “Worth waiting for–get on the list now”…I hope you don’t have to wait too long over there to get hold of a copy of Simply Knitting so that you can read the article for yourselves. Well done Silver that’s what I say x:muah:

HOLY MOLY!!!:thud:I’m kinda speechless right now. Forgive me.

Thank you Pauline for letting me know!!! :hug:

After seeing her website with her WIP’s and bags I know it’s true. Silver is very talented.

Congratulation Silver - you deserve it!!!:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


After reading your blog several times I’m not surprised.

Hey if you want to get lots of orders for your bag then put it up there, I know you are going to get lots of hits now! :wink:

And to think that we knew her when

Well Done, that lass!

Many Congratulations.

All the Best


how cool! Congrats Silver!

i am in there aswell :cheering:

Congratulations. That is fantabulous news!

Yay! Congrats to you too!!!

Thanks everyone! :hug:

Just read this and since I just recieved my On the Town knitting bag (Thanks!), I can understand why she is in there!

:woohoo:Congrats Silver!!:woohoo:

Well deserved!!! :woohoo:You might not be getting out of the bag business once ALL those readers get a look @ them on your blog!!! Did you get my e-mail?

:woot: Congrats to you both!! That is great :woot:

How cool is that?! :cheering:

Very cool. :thumbsup:

Congratulations to you both!! :balloons::yay::woot::balloons::yay::woot:
I’ll have to go find it today whan I am out running errands!

Congratulations both of you - well deserved!

Oooh how fabby! I hadn’t even got that far in my copy yet. Congrats!!! :woot:
Here it is for anyone who can’t get the mag…

Yes Shifio your ad is there for your web site xx